Biology (Thursdays 1:15 - 3:15 PM)

Biology (Thursdays 1:15  - 3:15 PM)

Description: Biology students will learn biological classification through detailed study of the various kingdoms and phylum in creation.  In addition to the core spine for the course (Apologia), students will read excerpts from Lee Strobel's "Case for the Creator" and Michael Behe's "Darwin's Black Box", along with occasional historical readings from the primary literature.  For each dissection, students may choose either a real specimen or a virtual option (either an artificial hands-on "model" or a computer based simulation to be completed in class).  In addition to dissections, students will perform, analyze, and report on experiments in biotech, genetics, and  biochemistry.

Recommended Grades: 8th-10th

Text: Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd ed., Jay Wile

Prerequisite: None

Registration Fee: $65

Tuition: $90/month

Biology (Thursdays 1:15  - 3:15 PM)
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